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What Students Say about Classes

I have been studying Italian at Centro Italiano for 2.5 years. Many of my friends are curious on why Italian. It's not as popular as Spanish or Chinese. The answer is simple: I’ve loved Italy since my first visit there 4 years ago. Thanks to these courses, I can finally speak the native language of that beautiful country. 

I started learning italian at Centro Italiano as a very beginner. Learning a language from scratch is always a challenge. Motivation alone is not enough. You should also have good teacher. The last time I visited Italy I was enjoying conversations with Italians. It's a great indicator of class quality.

I like how flexible and patient the instructor is. I have an unstable schedule and she is always able to offer me a day, time and class level that fits my needs. I really appreciate that, as it helps me retain my level when I don't have much time to learn and make good progress in less busy days.

I definitely recommend Centro Italiano to anyone seeking high-quality support in learning Italian.
- Olga, Intermediate 3

I have truly enjoyed taking classes at Nuovo Centro for the last few years. The classes are a great blend of grammar and semantics, conversation and listening, and cultural information.  I have a busy life, and appreciate the flexibility in our classes to move at our own pace, yet somehow still magically progress! From my original “Traveler’s Class”, to my current intermediate level, I have found the language skills I’ve learned relevant and useful when traveling in Italy. Having some knowledge of Italian, has enriched the already beautiful experience of visiting that lovely place.
Paula Hoffman, Intermediate 2 

Learning Italian with Magda has been the most fun language learning experience I have had and I have tried (unsuccessfully) learning several languages before. It has been a year and I still look forward to our Tuesday evening classes. What stands out for me is her sincere efforts at getting us to talk in Italian - always the toughest part of any language teacher's job. I also really appreciate the varied materials she comes up with - it keeps learning fun even when we are studying difficult grammatical topics!                      
-- Purujit S., Intermediate 3

My partner and I began studying Italian about 10 years ago in preparation for our first trip to Italy.  We wanted to learn enough to communicate the basics: "please", "thank you", "which way to the train station", etc.  It didn't take long for us to realize we wanted more from our experience abroad; we were missing out on the opportunity to have genuine and meaningful conversations with the people whose country we were visiting.  After our first trip we were hooked and have been taking lessons ever since.  In 2012 we found Nuovo Centro Italiano and began taking conversational classes with Magda.  I will never forget that first class - Magda helped us feel immediately at ease and she had us laughing so much it ached.  I especially appreciate Magda's ability to explain grammatical points with clarity, wit, and humor.  She is wry, delightfully knowledgeable and deeply caring for her students.  As an added bonus the relatively small groups for class (generally fewer than 6 students) allow plenty of time for individual attention and practice.  Furthermore, Magda pays special attention to assembling groups according to each student's skill level, and preparing materials for study that are engaging as well as instructive.  Classes at Centro Italiano are a joy and have become an essential weekly element to our lives!
-Gabriella, Advanced class

We are back from Italy.  The trip was a lot of fun and taking your class definitely helped

Thanks for your help and the lessons, and before I head over next time I'll definitely drop by for some more lessons.
Stephanie, Travelers class


We had a great time in Italy and what we learned in your course was very helpful. We recommend it!  
-- Robert, Travelers class

Nuovo Centro Italiano is an absolutely terrific resource. Magda is smart, patient but insistent, a great wit, fluent in several languages, and most engaging personally. Highly recommended
Mike, Advanced class

I've studied Italian with Magda for several years. She is a superb teacher, and quite engaging, too-I look forward to class and am always smiling as I leave. I also appreciate that her lessons, games, and assignments are never dull- instead they are topical and relevant to students' real lives and interests. You will enjoy her classes! 
Rose, Advanced class

In just 4 months Magda has helped me tremendously in easing the transition of language barriers for my move to Rome. She also tailored our classes to further my understanding of the common colloquial expressions and gestures that are not accessible in text books. I recommend Magda with complete confidence that you will gain a more thorough understanding, and with more rapid success, than that of college level language courses. Thanks so much Magda

--   Amber, Private lessons
My highest recommendation and appreciation for the work of Magda at Nuovo Centro Italiano...the results were excellent. I did not know any Italian before I worked with her. After my instruction I lived in Rome for a year [in a situation] where Italian was the only language spoken and I was able to speak Italian with others thanks to my classes. I have also had several friends take lessons from her and they all report how well she has prepared them for their trips and their work in Italy. She is a wonderful representative of Italian culture and language here in Seattle. I have recommended her to all of my friends who anticipate travel or work in Italy

--  Jerry, Advanced class

In addition to the usual vocabulary and grammar, Magda provides important information about colloquial and idiomatic expressions which really enrichyour ability to speak the language more naturally. I get compliments every time I go to Italy on how well I speak.
Eden, Advanced class

I will be going to study architecture in Rome and took beginning Italian once a week with Magda to prepare for my trip. Not only did she help me to learn what to say in Italian, but she also shared insights into her native lifestyle and culture that will help me judge when and how to say it. She created exercises for our group of five students that allowed us to practice vocabulary and grammar within real life situations relevant to our trip. The conversations were challenging because they brought everything together, but we all laughed a lot and had a great time.
I highly recommend taking Italian from Magda; she worked with my group to find a time that everyone could meet and created
a friendly atmosphere for
--  Karen, Beginner

We've been in a conversation class with Magda for almost 4 years. It's been a great experience. With Magda's clear explanations and the variety of conversations we have in class, our fluency and understanding of the language has improved dramatically. Going to class is one of the highlights of our week.
-- Henry, Advanced class

In my two years studying at Nuovo Centro Italiano, I have met countless wonderful people with whom I've had the pleasure of spending an hour or so every week chatting, joking and, of course, practicing Italian. When I first began, I was struggling to remember the genders of nouns ending in -e; now, in my current class, we're studying the finer points of the subjunctive verb mode and the entire class is in Italian. Not only have my language skills improved greatly, but I look forward to class every week as a chance to catch up with Magda and my classmates. Even better is that the classroom is conveniently located in Capitol Hill and easily reachable by bus. I have recommended Nuovo Centro Italiano to my friends in the past and I would certainly continue to do so for anyone looking for a fun, effective Italian course in Seattle!  
-- Emily, Advanced class


  What Clients Say about Translation & Consulting Services 

As the Board president of the Northwest Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in Italy (NIAUSI), I have worked closely with Magda Codognotto and Nuovo Centro Italiano on several projects involving complex translations and interpretations of both Italian and English-language documents. These projects include a donation of Italian properties to our nonprofit organization, which required the interpretation and explanation of Italian documents, the translation of English-language corporate documents into Italian, translations of Italian codes and assistance with drafting letters in Italian. Throughout all of these projects that we have worked on, Magda has been highly effective, responsive to our needs and a real pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Magda Codognotto without reservation - and look forward to working with her again. 
--Stephen Day, Seattle, Board president of NIAUSI

I HIGHLY recommend Magda Codognotto! I recently had a very positive experience with her, when I was in a bind with a lengthy document that needed translating. Magda is extremely competent and professional and performed her duties in a more than timely manner, as I was up against a deadline. I so appreciated her diligence in keeping me posted every step of the way. Thank you, Magda…I will not hesitate to use your services again!    
-- Judith, Portland, Oregon (Citizenship Application)

Good news! I heard from the Consulate in SF today that my citizenship application has been approved. Yea!! Thanks for your help with this process
-- William, Seattle (Citizenship Application)

The project turned out great. I really appreciate you coming through on such short notice.
Thanks again! -- Coastal Kitchen Restaurant, Seattle

Our mail just finally arrived at 5! But yes, the translations were there. Thank you, they are beautiful! I said to my family, "they must be professional translations, whatever that means..."
Well you absolutely showed me what professional means! So timely and they look amazing, everything done perfectly, they are accurate, you used the same layouts with tables and everything, and you enclosed documentation! You are fabulous and I am so impressed, money well spent! I will come back to you with any translation need I may have in the future and I will recommend you highly to friends. Thank you again.
-- Lauren, Seattle (Citizenship application)

I wanted to thank you for your promptness and flexibility regarding my translation. It looked great. I'm happy to say that I mailed off my completed application packet today. Thanks so much for your help!  
- Tyler, Seattle (School Application)

Your service has been the easiest of all—I love it! Grazie mille! --  Kelsie, Shoreline (Marriage Application)

Today I received the legalized documents from the Consolato Generale d'Italia in CA! Thank you very much for your help. I could not get these documents without your help. Thank you! -- Kyoko, Seattle (School Application)
Oh thank you thank you! We spent the entire weekend planning the details of our trip and we are very excited.
Anne, Boston (Marriage Application)

I just wanted to let you know I received the translations all in one piece. Thanks very much for your work! It has been a pleasure working with you and I will be sure to contact you again should the occasion arise where I need more translating services. -- 
-- Devon, Seattle (Citizenship Application)

Excellent service! -Sam, Olympia (Citizenship Application)

My wife and I were really curious to know what those letters said. Thanks for helping us!
--   Wayne, Yakima (Old family letters)




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