Italian Classes, Translation, and Consulting since 2004

Youth Program

The youth program is currently on hold. Please  check back or drop us a line for updates.

Our Story

We started our youth program in 2013 with a handful of children. We now serve about 20 children divided into groups ages 6-8 and 9-12, with plans to expand to teen classes in January 2016.

Our Philosophy
Youth curriculum should approximate the curriculum delivered to similarly aged children in Italian schools. Consequently, we use age appropriate authentic materials, as they may be used in Italian classrooms, and introduce kids to a variety of subjects, such as Italian geography, literature classics, and basic sciences. Strong emphasis is placed on verbal communication, so classes are conducted entirely in Italian. We also learn how to spell and read.

Recent Developments
In 2014, our program received two grants from two different organizations: WeLoveItalian and the Italian Cultural Society of SacramentoIt’s the first time that such funds have been allotted to a school in the State of Washington for a youth program. This is an honor, of course. More importantly, it has allowed us to retain highly qualified teaching staff, add to our resource library, bring some technology to the classroom, expand the program to include more children, and continue to provide quality education. We are very grateful for all of that.

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