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Schedules and Course Descriptions

If there is enough interest for any given class to continue, you can assume that class will meet at the same time/day, but move up a level. We typically take a one-week break in between sessions, although some classes just continue on without a break. The official schedule is often times posted a couple of weeks before class start.

If you are not a complete beginner, please email us for placement recommendation and latest schedule updates. 

Classes can and do form on a rolling basis. Thanks for your interest!



January 13 - March 16, 2020
(regular 10-week session, no holidays observed)


March 30 - June 8, 2020
(regular 10-week session, one holiday observed)


June 22 - August 17, 2020
(shorter session)


 Beginner Level 1 - day time -full
 Sep 23 - Nov 25
 10 weeks
 Beginner Level 1 - evening -full
5:00-6:30pm    Sep 23 - Nov 25
 10 weeks
 Beginner Level 2 - evening - full 
6:35-8:05pm   Sep 23 - Nov 25
  10 weeks
 Beginner Level 3 - day time
WED   8:15-9:45am
 in session   10 weeks
 Beginner Level 3 - evening  - full
  Sep 24 - Nov 26
 10 weeks
 Beginner Review
2:30-4:00pm  TBA  10 weeks


 Intermediate 1 - full
Sep 25 - Dec 4*
 10 weeks
 Intermediate 3 - full
6:35-8:05pm  Sep 25 - Dec 4*
 10 weeks
 Intermediate Review
Sep 24 - Nov 26
 10 weeks
Intermediate Review - full
 on going
10 weeks
Advanced Conversation 
 THU 4:30-6:00pm
in session
10 weeks
 Advanced Conversation
Sep 30 - Dec 2
10 weeks
Advanced Conversation
in session 10 weeks


 Italian for Travelers 

Jan 25 - Feb 22, 2020 
 5 weeks

* One or more lessons may be skipped and/or rescheduled in observance of a holiday.
** Classes marked as "ongoing" are classes that are currently in session but that you may be  able to join. The meeting time may vary on a quarterly basis. Please contact us to see if this class would be an overall good match for you.  We'd be happy to assess your level of proficiency.
(m) Materials are included.


1.  Please drop us a line indicating what class you are interested in.

2.  You can send tuition through Venmo, a bank-to-bank fund transfer at our email address (please email us first) or a check for the full amount of tuition to:

Nuovo Centro Italiano
340 15th Avenue E. Ste 300
Seattle, WA 98112

Please make the check out to "Nuovo Centro Italiano". We will hold on to the check until we are sure the class is a go. Please include your name and contact information (phone number and email address). We will keep you posted on the status of the class. 

Kindly call ahead if you plan on just showing up the day of class to confirm that the class is starting as scheduled or if there are enough spots left

General Refund Policy

Full refunds are available if NCI is notified of withdrawal by email or phone at least five (5) business days before the first class. No refunds are available after that. Full refunds are issued on classes cancelled by NCI before commencement. 

PLEASE NOTE: Classes are scheduled to begin subject to a minimum enrollment of 5 students.


Beginner Italian Level 1 (Absolute Beginner Italian)

Grammar skills:

- Pronunciation
- Singular and plural of nouns and adjectives
- The present tense of the verbs "to be" and "to have"
- The present tense of regular verbs
- Numbers, basic vocabulary and idiomatic expressions
- Sentence formation: how to form questions and answers

Practical skills:

-  How to introduce yourself
-  How to describe people and things
-  How to carry on a simple conversation

Beginner Italian Level 2

Grammar skills:

-  Review of basic vocabulary and regular verbs
- The present tense of common irregular verbs
-  Simple and articulated prepositions
-  Possessive adjectives

Practical skills:

-  How to make or decline an invitation
-  How to order at a restaurant
-  How to describe location for people and things
-  How to describe daily routines
-  How to express time

Beginner Italian Level 3

Grammar skills:

-  The simple past tense ("Passato Prossimo")
-  The imperfect tense ("Imperfetto")
-  General introduction to pronouns and the verb "piacere"

Practical skills:

- How to talk about past events
- How to express basic likes and dislikes

Beginner Italian Level 4

Grammar skills:

-  The future tense
-  Direct and Indirect pronouns
-  Prepositions

Practical skills:

-  How  to make plans
-  How to express possibility

Intermediate Italian Level 1

Grammar skills:

-  Review of common tenses
-  Comparatives
-  Reflexive and Reciprocal verbs
-  Informal Imperative

Practical skills:

-  How to talk about certain daily routines and life events
-  How to express commands

Intermediate Italian Level 2

Grammar skills:

The conditional 
-  Double pronouns
-  Prepositions

Practical skills:

-  How to make polite requests
-  How to express wishes and suggestions

Intermediate Italian Level 3

Grammar skills:

- The present and past subjunctive
- The polite imperative

Practical skills:

- How to express wishes, doubts, hopes, and commands

Intermediate Italian Level 4

- The imperfect and pluperfect subjunctive
- The pronouns
ci and ne
- Relative pronouns

Practical skills:

- How to express wishes, doubts, and hopes

Italian Review Class

Grammar skills:

- Present tense
- Past tenses (Passato Prossimo vs Imperfetto)
Direct and Indirect Pronouns
- Piacere
- Conditional and Future

Practical skills:

- Conversation on a variety of topics

Advanced Italian Conversation

The Conversation class is an opportunity to practice speaking skills. Some grammar concepts may be formally clarified, if necessary. The main focus will be discussing current events and lifestyle topics. Readings are assigned on a weekly basis. 

If you are not sure whether this is the right class for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Advanced Italian

These classes focus on subjunctive, hypothetical phrases, imperative, “Passato Remoto”, and other complex verb structures. Plenty of time is devoted to conversing on a variety of current events. Students will be encouraged to prepare short presentations on topics of interest.  


Basic Italian Prepositions:
DI, A, DA, IN, CON, SU, PER, TRA, FRA: Let's find out together if there's any method to the madness!
Level:  Beginner. Class will be conducted in English to explain language nuances. 
MaterialsIncluded (Materials include extensive guidelines on each specific preposition use and several exercises).

Advanced Italian Prepositions
DI, A, DA, IN, CON, SU, PER, TRA, FRA: Let's find out together if there's any method to the madness!
Advanced. Class will be conducted in Italian.
Materials: Included (
Materials include extensive guidelines on each specific preposition use and several exercises).

Essential Italian Pronunciation
The goal of this class is to make students comfortable when pronouncing the Italian language. We will review the basics of Italian pronunciation, along with common letter combinations that are known to cause some trouble. Indeed, we will learn a few tricks to boost your overall speaking confidence. 
Level:  All levels.
Materials: Included.

The verb Piacere:  "Non mi piace!"   - "I don't like it!"
Although piacere means “to like”, seemingly few learners seem to sincerely appreciate this verb. 
The conversation will focus on the ins and outs of this tricky verb, piacere. The discussion will include this verb's complete conjugation and a review of indirect pronouns. 
Level: Intermediate. Class will be conducted in English. Practice will be in Italian.
Materials: Included.

All information is accurate at time of publication. Please contact us for latest updates.

Drop us a line at info@centro-italiano.comWe can't wait to see you in class!



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