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About Us

Magda Codognotto, Principal  

Magda was born in Treviso, a city in the Veneto region, in the Northeast corner of Italy. She graduated from the Università degli Studi Ca' Foscari in Venice where she studied foreign languages—English, Czech, French—and linguistics. She holds a Masters degree in linguistics and teaching methodology in a multi-lingual environment.

Her professional career has included work as an Italian translator and interpreter for individuals, businesses, non- profits, health care organizations, artists, and government officials, among others. She has also provided language instruction in Italian, English, Latin, and Ancient Greek. She relocated to Seattle, WA in 1998, where she has worked as an Italian language and culture specialist for multiple local language organizations.

In early 2004, she founded Nuovo Centro Italiano with the purpose of creating a central resource for the Italian language. She is dedicated to providing solutions regarding communication matters in whatever form they might present themselves—whether to keep in touch with family in Italy, understand publications and music, learn about one's ancestors, prepare for travel, or simply to enjoy the numerous benefits of being able to converse in a foreign language.

Magda brings years of teaching and translating experience plus a first-hand knowledge of issues pertaining to cross-cultural communication and second-language acquisition. She grew up, in fact, in a bilingual family, her mother being from the Republic of Slovenia. She can thus relate to the challenges involved in expressing notions that might not directly translate into a different culture, and she is skilled in coaching others with a wide range of communication issues.

She values her clients who come to her from all over the Northwest and likewise from Italy, both those with short-term translation projects as well as the many loyal students who have been with her for years. She looks forward to continuing to provide a variety of professional services for people with interests in Italy and its culture.

You can contact her directly at

Location & Directions

Our office is centrally located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood on 15th Avenue East, a block north of Group Health hospital, and one mile south of Volunteer ParkOur building is clearly marked by a tan sign

By bus & Link: Our office is a block away from three major bus line stops: 8, 10, and 43 It is 5 blocks away from the Link Broadway Station.

By car: If you are coming from the north end/520, the best freeway exit is Roanoke. From the south end/I-90, you should take the Madison Street exit on I-5 and make your way to the top of the hill.

Parking: There is free street parking available anywhere. However, we recommend that before 6pm you park on east-west streets as most of 15th Ave E. has a 1-hour parking limit. Also, there is a pay lot roughly behind our building. The current fee is $1,00 for up to two hours.


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